All of our products are made to order. You can expect to receive them in ten working days.

You no longer need an iron to attach labels to clothing!

You can just stick them to the garment care labels.
The labels can safely go in the washer and dryer.
Peel a label off the backing, being careful not to touch the sticky side.
Press firmly to the care label, making sure there are no air bubbles between the GRIFFE label and the material.
Wait at least 24 hours before washing the garment.
Since GRIFFE labels can go in the dishwasher, they’re perfect for lunch boxes taken to school and baby bottles taken to day care!
Wait at least 24 hours before washing.

You can stick labels to the clean, dry insoles of shoes or boots.

To protect your labels from sweat and friction, place the protective film included in your order on top of the labels. Apply uniform pressure to the labels, eliminating any air bubbles, to ensure they are firmly attached.

Our manufacturing system requires a separate order for each child.

That depends on how they will be used. If your child or teen plays team sports such as hockey or soccer, for example, a phone number will make it easier for people to contact you if your child’s possessions are lost. It’s also a good idea to clearly identify expensive items such as golf clubs and skis.

If you decide to include your phone number, add it in the “Notes” section of the payment form. Write out your entire phone number, indicating on which label formats you wish it to appear.

Of course, you could print low-cost labels at home, but professionally made GRIFFE labels are far more durable. When applied correctly, our labels will withstand just about anything, including snow, sun, rain, the microwave oven, the freezer, the dishwasher, and the washer/dryer.

GRIFFE labels are great for fundraising campaigns. Contact us for details!

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard via the Stripe payment gateway.

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